R.I.P. Harry Morgan

Harry MorganActor Harry Morgan, the star of two of America's most iconic television shows, MASH and Dragnet, died aged 96 last Thursday 8th December.

The BBC has reported that the star died in his Los Angeles home after suffering from pneumonia.

Morgan played the role of Office Bill Gannon in the TV crime serial Dragnet from 1967 to 1970, staring opposite Jack Webb.

He also appeared in more than 100 films, opposite stars such as Henry Fond, John Wayne, Jame Garner and Elvis Presley. Mainly in supporting roles, but always elevating each movie he starred in with his effortless charm.

It was his role as Col. Potter in MASH which would endear him to the American public and become his most beloved character. He starred in the show from 1975 and 1983, garnering much acclaim for his performances and even winning an Emmy award in 1980.

The star broke down in a news conference in 1983 after he taped his final episode of MASH, commenting, "I'm feeling very sad and sentimental. I don't know if MASH made me a better actor but I know it made me a better human being."

The death of the Harry Morgan is a sad day for American television, and has made everyone notalgic for the days when character actors like him could instanly warm the hearts of every viewer who saw him at work. He is survived by three sons, eight grandchildren and his second wife, Barbara Bushman.  

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A terrific actor in my favorite sit-com of all time.  RIP