Author Brett Easton Ellis Attacks CBS Sitcoms, Portrayal of Gays on Television

Brett Easton Ellis isn't one to shy away from controversy. He is, after all, the guy who wrote 'American Psycho,' the book that was adapted into the phenomenal movie of the same name starring Christian Bale. But recently, Ellis has been skipping the writing and going straight into provocation. This week, his Twitter account has had a variety of targets, most notably CBS and Neil Patrick Harris.

"Feel complicated about Neil Patrick Harris on How I Met Your Mother - central joke being that he's a gay actor playing a... womaniser," he tweeted, referencing Harris's promiscuous character Barney Stinson on the CBS sitcom. "Why not cast Jason Segel in the Neil Patrick Harris role in How I Met Your Mother? [Because] the meta-joke is that Harris is openly gay. Lame..."

"You don't think the makers of How I Met Your Mother didn't KNOW that Neil Patrick Harris was gay and that would be part of the joke? Really?"

Ellis, who has an intentionally vague sexuality that would be best labeled as bisexual, makes an interesting point, especially considering that Harris's role as Stinson isn't the only one where he plays an oversexed womaniser -- his role in the Harold and Kumar films is a slightly more extreme version of the persona.

"Look, I like Neil Patrick Harris especially when he's hosting The Tonys," wrote Ellis, before swinging the proverbial glove. "But How I Met Your Mother is, like all CBS sitcoms, a piece of crap." 

"And please don't get me started on the gay The Big Bang Theory - I'm too tired to go there," tweeted Ellis. "Gayness personified." (Big Bang star Jim Parsons recently came out as gay.)

Ellis defended himself against backlash for his tweets, declaring himself a "misanthrope" rather than homophobic. "I hate the way homosexuality is presented in our entertainment culture," he wrote. 

Earlier this week, he tweeted that White Collar star Matt Bomer should not star in a Fifty Shades of Grey film because the part required a straight actor for the male lead. Back in April, he criticized FOX's Glee for its portrayal of homosexuals, saying, "I like the idea of Glee but why is it that every time I watch an episode I feel like I've stepped into a puddle of HIV?"

What do you think about Ellis's comments? Is he entirely off base, or is he onto something here?

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- Bret Easton Ellis

Written by: mcpherson
Aug 10th, 2012, 9:33 pm


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Message Posted On Aug 11th, 2012, 2:50 pm

Bret Easton Ellis a homophobic, now that makes the least amount of sense imagineable.

I guess he has his points, even though I don't really agree with his way of putting things. Sure, being provocative is part of the guys deal, but I think remarks like "puddle of HIV" cross the line by any standard. For a successful author, I'd have thought that he's a bit more considerate with his words.

I don't watch any of the shows he comments on (although I tried them and will agree with him that they're not particularly well-written shows), but might he be reading a bit too much into the casting? Not watching the shows of course I don't know how extremely these facts might be lampshaded, but still. They're actors. They play roles. I'm all with him in being incredibly tired of how gays are portrayed in film and TV, to the point that "has a gay character" has become a major reason for me to be negatively prejudiced against a show. But what he criticises seems to be something that goes against just that stereotypical handling of gays in Hollywood. I seriously doubt that every gay man talks like a teenage girl and struts around one hand on the hip the other in the air. So why not cast a non-caricatural real-life gay actor as a non-gay character?


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He's, obviously, entitled to his opinion.  I just think he's misanthropic (as he says) and curmudgeonly and therefore his sense of reality is skewed by that.  Makes it so his opinions probably don't ring true to most.  Not sure what HE thinks should be the portrayal of gay people or heterosexuals for that matter.  Exactly how SHOULD humans be portrayed?  What are his criteria?  His statements just come across as bitching and moaning and not particularly constructive.  One person/character or actor's portrayal of a character is not indicative of some statement of the entire network on a certain group of people.  It's absurd.

Oh, and to TVVD, Big Bang Theory is not a sexless sausage fest.  There's sex on there.  They do fairly well for nerds.

And am I the only one who didn't know that Matt Bomer was gay or was he just being "misanthropic" and just saying that he comes across as gay?  If so, (ya know, saying that a REAL heterosexual should play this part, etc.) sounds to me like he was sorta using the insuation of being gay as an insult.  If he's saying that Bomer comes across as gay, I know a few women who'd disagree with that.


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Don't watch Glee (love musicals, just have no time at the moment), but why Neil should through out good role just because he gay ? Guy can certainly write good script, why whine when he can change situation to better. Even if situation will be different and better only in his mind. Good actors are good because they roles so different from they personality. May be Dexter should be played by real-life killer ? Or some addict should be played by real-life drug abusing junkie ?

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I don't particularly agree with him, but I really like the fact that he's speaking his mind. There's enough political "correctness", especially in the hypocritical capital of America. No, the other one, Hollyweird. Yes, I'm sure the creators of MOTHER thought it would be "hillarious" to cast a gay guy in the role of a womanizer. Did these guys work on FRASIER, I wonder...? At least NPH was in on the joke, and could have passed, pardon the pun.

But, the bottom line, again pardon the pun, is that actors pretend they are someone else. While quite batty, I'm positive Christian Bale isn't a superhero. I'm almost positive that Anthony Hopkins isn't a serial killer when not on set.

He seems to dislike BIG BANG because they're cliche gay, but while Jim Parsons "acts" effeminate, gay men aren't usually viewed as science nerds, are they? Maybe promiscuous heavy drinkers with a preference for loud shirts, and dancing, but I don't think that sexless 'sausage fest' has that going on. I could be wrong. I've yet to make it through an entire episode.

He likes the idea of GLEE, but not the execution. Something about a "puddle of HIV." Look, Bret, GLEE is a musical. A musical is as gay, or more so, than a gloryhole on Fire Island. If the cast looks unhealthy, blame the gay creator of the show.

He "hates the way homosexuality is presented in our entertainment culture." Who can blame him? I do, too. I also hate how heterosexuality is presented. Those shows aren't bad because of how gays are portrayed. They're bad because they aren't funny. They're generic, cliche pieces of crap that always win their time slot, probably. Well, Bret, YOU'RE a writer. Let's see what a self-proclaimed "misanthrope" can do. 





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What a little f**king whiner! There's straight folk playing gays all the time, how come you're not crying about that?? Typical gay behavior, find something that doesn't mesh with your warped sense of the world and stomp your feet and wring your hands and b**ch about it. You must be pretty hard up (no pun intended) for attention to even conceive this load of crap!!!


I say, "F**k you an the horse you rode in on."

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