Before "New Girl".. Zooey Deschanel

“The New Girl” was an instant success for Fox, starring Zooey Deschanel as quirky Jess. Every episode is an awkward barrel of laughs, and Deschanel fans know this is simply her style of acting. Who doesn’t love the down-to-earth personality of Deschanel, and her ability to be the “weird” one in the cutest way possible. Long before “The New Girl,” our favorite leading lady was an indie queen, though she has a number of major films under her belt as well.

Our Idiot Brother. “Our Idiot Brother” is one of the latest projects for Deschanel who starred as Natalie, one of Ned’s (the protagonist played by Paul Rudd) three sisters. Deschanel played a free spirited lesbian who also had an eye for the man folk. It’s the first time that she’s played such a character, and she did a fantastic job! Nat was quirky enough to keep us laughing, especially with her awkward stand-up comedy.

500 Days of Summer. “500 Days of Summer” put Deschanel on the radar. This indie flick was THE underdog summer flick of 2009. Since it’s a favorite amongst anyone who had their heartbroken. Deschanel plays a believable girl looking for fun, but avoiding love. Unlike most movies where the man is the dream killer, Deschanel leaves everyone questioning the relationships in their lives.

Almost Famous. Deschanel plays Anita in this cult classic. Anita is responsible for shaping William’s future as a rock journalist after she gives him her records with specific directions on how to listen to them. As the rebel, she moves out with her boyfriend against her strict mother’s wishes, and ultimately finds herself as a flight attendant. Her role is physically minor, but one of the most important characters in the film.

The Good Life. This film is one of her best indie films to date, and one few know about. Deschanel plays Frances, a pathological liar who has the boys falling at her feet. Just like most roles she plays, the men love her because she is odd, fearless and carefree. The plot thickens throughout the film, leaving you hungry for the next scene.

Notable mentions…
Happy Lolly in “Gigantic,” Paul Dano’s insane love interest.
Allison in “Yes Man,” Jim Carrey’s main love interest.
Kat in “Weeds,” Andy’s CRAZY girlfriend from Alaska.
Cheryl in “The Good Girl,” the sassy, non-motivated co-worker.

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Written by: mawarner
Dec 13th, 2011, 2:01 pm