NBC cuts out Closing Cermonies performances for sitcom

“Who” does NBC think it is?

The network cut away from the London Olympics closing ceremonies last night in favor of showing a commercial-free airing of new sitcom “Animal Practice.”

The network missed musical performances by Ray Davies, Kate Bush, The Who and Muse.

In my opinion, American fans probably could have done without earlier performances by Madness and a marching band covering Blur, in favor of big rock acts The Who and Blur.

The network apparently ran The Who’s performance following “Animal Practice,” but how many people stuck around for that? The English-language pool feed of the closing ceremonies was also apparently streamed on its Web site.

NBC also came under fire during the games for spoiling Missy Franklin’s gold medal-winning race. The network ran a “Today” show promo revealing the race’s outcome before it actually aired. Viewers also complained on social media about the tape-delayed coverage of big-ticket events, which NBC claimed was done to maximize its prime-time audience.

The 2012 Winter Olympics will be held in Russia, which is four hours ahead of the Eastern Time zone, so expect more issues. The 2016 Rio Summer Games will be only one hour ahead of Eastern Time.

Credit: CNN

- The Who

Written by: KurtK26
Aug 13th, 2012, 8:19 am

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