Finally, Men Can Be 'Price Is Right' Models Too

Have you ever wanted to be one of the glamorous models on The Price Is Right, but found yourself with one too many Y chromosomes? Well, this is your lucky day, because the longest-running game show in television history has announced that it will be launching a casting call for its first-ever male model. Beginning August 30, the show's producers and its four female models—Manuela, Rachel, Gwendolyn, and Amber—will be interviewing potential beefcakes during an open call in Los Angeles.

Bob Barker with Manuela, Rachel, and Gwendolyn

To move on to the next phase of the process, candidates must display the ability to pose efficiently and showcase products, and also possess the verbal skills necessary to say "Hi" to Drew Carey while handing him a long thin microphone. Over the following weeks, the pretty-boy pool will be whittled away as judges make eliminations based on the models' on-camera presence and assorted other skills, such as remembering how to breathe and walk upright. Up to six finalists will be revealed during the September 28 episode of The Price Is Right, and they will compete in a variety of challenges as part of a five-episode web series available at and on YouTube. Voting will close on October 4 and the winner, chosen by the fans, will enjoy a one-week stint on the CBS daytime staple beginning on October 15.

Unless the TVLine source hasn't explained it thoroughly, it sounds like a pretty obvious publicity stunt if the supposedly barrier-breaking male model only appears for a week on the actual show. Not that I'm hankering for gender equality in this arena, anyway. I'm more of a Manuela guy, myself. Are you ready for a Barker's Beauty or Carey's Cutie with five o'clock shadow and a mane of chest hair?

- The Price Is Right (US)

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I'm digging the humor, keep it up.

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