Robert Pattinson Appears on The Daily Show: What Did He Talk About?

Regular viewers of The Daily Show like myself tuned into the program tonight with hopes of seeing Stewart talk about Mitt Romney's newly announced running mate, Paul Ryan. But Stewart also found himself with an audience of new viewers who were tuning in for one thing, and one thing only: Robert Pattinson.

The Daily Show was Pattinson's first stop on his Cosmopolis press tour, and his first interview following the tabloid-fodder cheating scandal which saw him betrayed by girlfriend and Twilight co-star Kristen Stewart (no relation to Jon). Prior to the show's broadcast it was much speculated that Stewart would avoid discussing the scandal entirely -- but as it turns out, it was sort of the focal point of the interview.

After fifteen minutes of Paul Ryan jokes and plenty of promises that Pattinson would indeed be appearing on the show, Stewart brought the actor out and promptly served him up some Ben & Jerry ice cream, so that the two could dish about the scandal. Pattinson flubbed a joke he had planned, and then remarked that he hadn't hired a PR person -- rather admirable, considering how high-profile of a star he is. He and Stewart both agreed that he should hire one.

Pattinson didn't say much about the whole thing, though he did laugh appreciatively when Stewart jokingly remarked that he was better off without Kristen anyway.

The two eventually got around to talking about Pattinson's upcoming movie, Cosmopolis, a topic Pattinson seemed much happier to discuss -- though he noted that most Twilight fans had probably tuned out once he stopped talking about Kristen.

As the interview closed, Stewart commented on how tough things might be for Pattinson, and hoped that he would be able to deal with his personal life privately.

Overall, Pattinson came across rather well here, appearing sympathetic but not pathetic. It's no wonder that he picked Stewart for his first post-scandal interview -- the Daily Show host managed to be both comforting and funny at the same time.

Cosmopolis opens August 17 in the U.S. Tuesday, Stewart will chat with Olympic gold medalist Misty May-Treaner.


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Written by: mcpherson
Aug 13th, 2012, 9:01 pm

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