Zach Braff To Reunite With Donald Faison On "The Exes"

JD and Turk

Scrubs fans are about to receive a nice present from TV Land, as TV Guide is reporting that Zach Braff will reunite with his former co-star Donald Faison on an upcoming episode of "The Exes".

Braff and Faison played John "J.D." Dorian, and Christopher Turk respectively on Scrubs, and the two combined to form one of the closest and longest lasting heterosexual male friendships in TV history. They were close friends with each other's wives, helped raise each other's kids, and were generally present for every important milestone in the other's life. The two actors are also said to be best friends off set as well. So, it's really only fitting that with Donald starring in a new sitcom, Zach would show up to lend his support.

Braff will portray the character of Chuck Fenney, a professional tennis player, who becomes a client of Faison's sports agent character Phil Chase. Chuck is known as a notorious ladies man. making him a perfect compliment to Phil's womanizing ways. Or at least it does on the surface, as it turns out that Chuck actually "serves from the other side of the court", if you know what I mean. And if you don't, I mean that he's secretly gay.

If Braff's character ends up making a pass at Faison, it will be all the more appropriate, given how their incredibly close friendship often left other Scrubs characters questioning just how platonic their relationship really was.

Braff's appearance on The Exes will air on Wednesday, August 29th at 10:30 PM EST. The show also features sitcom vets Kristen Johnston, and Wayne Knight. I haven't seen an episode, but I've read mixed reviews about the series as a whole. Maybe Braff will liven it up a bit.

Do you watch The Exes? Does a Scrubs reunion make you more likely to?

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Aug 14th, 2012, 12:19 am



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Actually Waderx, J.D. had an (unplanned) son with Dr. Kim Briggs named Sam. He was born in the seventh season. Elliott was later seen to be pregnant with his second child in season nine, although I'm aware most didn't watch that season.


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TV Land is giving us older ones treats when they "recycle" former sitcom stars.  This is a perfect example, of which I am particularly grateful.  I have followed "Scrubs" from the very first episode.  I liked it because it did not "glorify" the medical profession as is the case with most medical series. It was very funny and sensitive as well.  I don't believe Zach's character had any children, however.  Looking forward to this episode of the Exes.

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