Two Old Dr. Who Episodes Are Found Safe and Well

TardisDoctor Who episodes in the past have had a history of being lost forever. However today it has been revealed that two episodes have been found. "Air Lock," the third chapter of the William Hartnell serial "Galaxy 4" and the second episode from the Patrick Troughton- era " The Underwater Menace" storyline have by handed in by Terry Burnett.

Burnett is a film collector who bought them in the early '80s was only made aware they were the surviving copies and has given them to back to the BBC. It is not known if this was at gun point or not.

Neither of these episodes are thought to be high on any fans wish list but their finding will certainly raise a smile on any Dr. Who aficionado's face.  Air Lock show's the arrival of The Rills and "The Underwater Menace" is the earliest surviving episode of the second Doctor

The BFI screened the episodes over the weekend and are expected to be released to the general public in the near future. Clips are available here and here for all of those who are interested, and who wouldn't be?

- Doctor Who (1963)
- BBC one

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Dec 13th, 2011, 3:24 pm


Message Posted On Jun 30th, 2013, 2:09 pm
I have 4 episodes of Willian Hartnell "Unearthly Child" and 6 of "The Daleks" if they are of use I will upload them, but to where? Dennis

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In the second one, they are probably disguised daleks.


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