AMC to Show CSI: Miami Episodes Featuring Stars of Mad Men, Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead, and More

CSI: Miami ran for ten seasons before being unexpectedly canned by CBS earlier this year. That's a solid 232 episodes worth of Horatio Caine solving all kinds of mysteries -- and some of the episodes feature some pretty big guest stars.

AMC has syndication rights to the procedural drama, and has been airing reruns of the series since January. This week, they're going to be trying something a little different than your typical cut-and-dried reruns, though. This week, they'll only be showing episodes featuring stars of AMC shows.

The event started today and will continue through Thursday, with twelve episodes total airing.

Here's the official lineup, courtesy of AMC:

Tue., Aug. 14 at 4PM | 3C ("Down to the Wire") - Mirielle Enos (The Killing)

Tue., Aug. 14 at 5PM | 4C ("Not Landing") - Anson Mount (Hell on Wheels)

Tue., Aug. 14 at 6PM | 5C ("Payback") - Jon Hamm (Mad Men)

Tue., Aug. 14 at 7PM | 6C ("Grave Young Men") - Aaron Paul (Breaking Bad)

Wed., Aug. 15 at 4PM | 3C ("Ambush") & 5PM | 4C ("Rio) - Giancarlo Esposito (Breaking Bad)

Wed., Aug. 15 at 6PM | 5C ("Dead Zone") - Michael Rooker (The Walking Dead)

Wed., Aug. 15 at 7PM | 6C ("Killer Date") - Jon Bernthal (The Walking Dead)

Thu., Aug. 16 at 4PM | 3C ("Just One Kiss") - Jaime Anne Allman (The Killing)

Thu., Aug. 16 at 5PM | 4C ("Mayday") - Callum Keith Rennie (The Killing)

Thu., Aug. 16 at 6PM | 5C ("Mommie Deadest") - Mark Moses (Mad Men, The Killing)

Thu., Aug. 16 at 7PM | 6C ("Special Delivery") - Raymond Cruz (Breaking Bad)

It's a pretty lengthy list. AMC announced the marathon shortly before it began, but if you missed any of Tuesday's episodes, worry not. You can still buy the episodes on Amazon or iTunes.

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Written by: mcpherson
Aug 14th, 2012, 2:10 pm

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