'Breaking Bad' Star Bob Odenkirk Headed to 'How I Met Your Mother'

As fans who only know Bob Odenkirk from Breaking Bad have probably guessed, the guy is really funny. His character on the AMC series, Saul Goodman, is the sole shining light of comedic levity the show has. Odenkirk's actually a gifted comedic actor, and if you're looking for more proof, you'll have to look no further than the upcoming eighth season of How I Met Your Mother.

Odenkirk will appear in the second episode of the season as a "corporate lawyer [who] pseudo-represents Barney in his pre-nup negotiations with Quinn," according to TVLine, who broke the story. Here's hoping he actually plays Saul Goodman, because there's something infinitely wonderful about the idea that How I Met Your Mother and Breaking Bad take place in the same universe.

Odenkirk previously appeared in How I Met Your Mother's sixth season as an entirely different character; he played Marshall's boss Arthur Hobbs. Apparently, the show has finished with that character but not with Odenkirk (and who can blame them?).

If you're looking for more funny Odenkirk, you really need look no further than his absolutely hilarious HBO sketch comedy series Mr. Show, which he created alongside Arrested Development's David Cross. It's one of the most influential comedy television shows of all time. Odenkirk's also served as a writer on shows like Saturday Night Live, The Ben Stiller Show, Tenacious D, and Late Night With Conan O'Brien.

Seriously, the guy's funny.

Odenkirk pops up at the beginning of Sunday's episode of Breaking Bad, "Buyout," in which Saul is back to his old legal loophole tricks. That episode airs August 19 on AMC.

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Written by: mcpherson
Aug 14th, 2012, 10:39 pm


Message Posted On Aug 18th, 2012, 5:32 am
"...there's something infinitely wonderful about the idea that How I Met Your Mother and Breaking Bad take place in the same universe." For whom? As a Breaking Bad fan I say no thanks to that shlock.
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