Heather Locklear and Alan Dale Get Hot in Cleveland

Hot in Cleveland returns to TV Land in November with some of its biggest guest stars to date. Last season Regis Philbin appeared as a hair dresser and will reprise his role this season, but fans can expect Jay Harrington, Heather Locklear and Lost alum Alan Dale for the fourth season.

The last time fans saw the ladies of Cleveland a baby was discovered on their doorstep. There is no word as to whose baby it is or what part it will play into the story, but we can confirm there are three major additions to the cast this season.

Locklear will make a debut as Chloe Summerlin, the founder of the best public relations firm in Cleveland. As former Miss Ohio she is beautiful and smart, sharing the company with her ex-husband Alec (Harrington). Melanie (Valerie Bertinelli) seeks employment from Chloe to put her name back at the top of the industry. As Melanie gets comfortable at the firm sparks fly with Alec. Harrington and Locklear are expected for at least three episodes in mid-season.

In December Hot in Cleveland fans can also expect a new actor to arrive in Cleveland creating a stir according to TV Emmett (Dale) is in town filming his first Woody Allen film. Victoria Chase (Wendie Malick) also lands a spot in the film where she becomes flirty and close with Emmett. The two quickly fall into a whirlwind romance. With Dale only signed on for two episodes should we assume it doesn’t last?

Locklear last appeared on the failed remake of Melrose Place and a string of made-for-tv movies, while Dale continued to work with ABC on Once Upon a Time. He also had a major role on AMC’s The Killing.

Hot in Cleveland returns on November 28.

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