Ex-Baywatch Star Now Spending Her Days Hunting For Noah's Ark?

Donna D'Errico

There's a lot of things I might expect an ex-Baywatch star with a stalled career to be doing. Modeling, hosting infomercials, competing on reality shows, posing for playboy, etc. If you had given me ten guesses, I would have never come up with "traveling to Turkey to search for the remains of Noah's Ark", but here we are.

Former Baywatch babe Donna D'Errico has promised TMZ that despite a recent mishap, her quest for the fabled biblical vessel will continue. The aforementioned mishap occurred while D'Errico was on a climbing expedition to Turkey's Mount Ararat. D'Errico took a bad fall, sustaining nasty cuts to her face, arms, and legs. Pictures of her injuries can be seen in the linked article, but take it from me, you probably don't want to see them. Yikes.

Despite this setback, D'Errico has vowed to press on with her search, one that she refers to as a lifelong dream. She is hardly the first (or 1000th) person to go to Turkey and try to find the Ark, but I'd wager that she's probably the first b-list 90's celebrity to do so at least. D'Errico also says that her secondary goal was to locate Donald MacKenzie, a man who went searching near the mountain a few years back. MacKenzie never returned from his trip, and his whereabouts are still unknown.

I'll leave the decision up to you, our fine readers. Is Donna D'Errico's quest for Noah's Ark worthwhile? Or did her life take a wrong turn back at Albuquerque?

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Yeah... ummmm, Good luck with that.

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