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Breaking Bad's Jesse Plemons Discusses Last Week's Big Cliffhanger

This article contains spoilers from the fifth episode of Breaking Bad season 5, "Dead Freight."

Are you still reeling from the shocking ending of last week's Breaking Bad? Yeah, we are, too. The episode, "Dead Freight," was quite a fun little heist jaunt until the closing minutes, where new character Todd (Jesse Plemons) took matters into his own hands and killed a little boy who happened to come across Todd, Walt, and Jesse just moments after their successful completion of the great train robbery.

So how does Plemons feel about playing a child killer? In an interview with Vulture, Plemons revealed that upon reading the scene in the script, he was "just shocked, stunned. And then immediately following, was like, Wow, what's going on here ... trying to turn every stone and decide where everything's coming from."

Plemons also briefly discussed next week's (fantastic) episode "Buyout," in which his character -- and the others -- deal with the consequences of Todd's reckless actions. "You know, doing something like that [shooting the kid], that wasn't discussed," he said. "You know, Walt and the gang don't take too kindly to people just kinda making decisions without them, so the next episode is — it was a lot of fun pleading his case. But yeah, that's the fun thing about the show: We're just going to have to wait and see."

Are you looking forward to seeing Todd plead his case? Or do you just want Mike, Walt, and Jesse to all just line up and shoot him? We'd be okay with the latter, but you're just going to have to wait and see what they decide to do with him.

Check out the full interview with Plemons over at Vulture.

Breaking Bad will air its next episode, Buyout," Sunday, August 19, at 10/9c.


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Written by: mcpherson
Aug 16th, 2012, 4:15 am

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