Boardwalk Empire Season 3 Poster: Get Stared Down by Nucky Thompson

Boardwalk Empire, HBO's period gangster series, will be returning for a third season next month, and the network's marketing machine has been cranking out some great stuff. First, there was this gem of a trailer, which was a beautifully surreal look at the consequences of Nucky's actions. That theme was again reflected in a poster released earlier this week that saw Nucky standing over the corpse of his former protege, Jimmy Darmody, who he murdered in the shocking season two finale "To the Lost."

"You can't be half a gangster," both the trailer and the poster proclaimed, and the new poster for the series, released on Thursday, also echoes Jimmy's words from the show's pilot.

But while last poster is a long shot of Nucky standing over Jimmy, the new poster is almost uncomfortably intimate. It's a close-up of Nucky (Steve Buscemi), chin on his hands, staring right into the camera with those cold, grey eyes. Nucky's becoming a more hardened man following his actions in the season 2 finale, and these promotional posters are doing a fantastic job of sharing that.

Unlike the last poster, this one includes the show's logo, meaning that it could potentially be the key art for the season. Like the poster from earlier this week, it's a stylistic far cry from the key art of either the first or the second seasons, but I have to say that I don't like it as much as its more striking predecessor.

What do you think? Which poster do you like more? Are you excited for Boardwalk Empire's return?

Boardwalk Empire season 3 will premiere September 30 on HBO, with the season premiere episode "Resolution."

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I don't believe anyone has ever called Steve Buscemi a handsome man...That poster will haunt me.

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