Are you a "hate-watcher"?

SMASH!A new article posted by Entertainment Weekly focuses on the concept of "hate-watching," which it describes as the "practice of watching a TV show that you know is bad, for the specific purpose of enjoying that badness."

If you think about it, it is a pretty amazing thing. We live in an age where we are bombarded by different channels and shows. Cable subscribers have access to hundreds of channels and the rising home media market, as well as digital distribution and video-sharing sites make it possible to watch whatever you want, whenever you want. Yet, so many people persist in watching bad TV. Why?

Two shows were specifically highlighted by the piece as prime for hate-watching: Smash and the Newsroom. Here's an excerpt:

"Smash was the big NBC debut of the midseason, with a pilot that promised “West Wing on Broadway” and a cast of big names. The show quickly descended into self-parody, then descended into self-parody-parody, then had a Bollywood number. Smash was followed, this summer, by The Newsroom — a series with an impeccable pedigree, a great cast, a beloved TV auteur, and so so many themes! Newsroom belly-flopped, but watching it weekly and luxuriating in its particular badness has become a kind of Twitter parlour game (How many pratfalls? How many speeches? How silly can the female characters be?)."

This concept amazes me. Why would someone spend time on something they know they are going to hate? I have a tremendous backlog of shows that I want to watch but haven't gotten around to yet. I'm still on the second season of Chuck and I haven't watched more than a handful of episodes of Community, although I'd like to. If I can't find time for shows I want to see, I'm certainly not going to waste it on those I don't care about.

Am I alone in this? Do you hate-watch anything? Why? What makes you keep watching?

- Smash
- The Newsroom (2012)

Written by: Hamatosan
Aug 16th, 2012, 12:46 pm


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I find the concept extremely weird!

Frankly, I don't have a lot of time to watch TV, so I choose what I watch with great care.  "Smash" is something that just does not interest me, so there's no reason for me to watch it (unless I'm at someone else's house and can't get away, of course!).




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Ummm, what the heck does a rant about Michelle Obama have to do with anything discussed in the article above?


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Ah, yes.  So bad, it's good.  NOT a new concept, just a dumb name.  I can't think of anything I watch right now that I know sucks, yet, I revel in it's suckiness...  Michelle Obama!  I think she's as evil as all the Manson chicks combined, and as poisonous as ten Lindsey Lohans.  Joan Crawford had nothing on her "let them eat (cake)", or whatever 4 letter word she uses, attitude.  Yet, I have to read every article about her on Yahoo.  Did you know she wore a $7000 sweater to meet the British Royalty at the Olympics?  Yeah, it was really ugly, too.  Looked like something she'd buy at Target -- her favorite store -- for $50 bucks.  AND it didn't fit her right.  Tight in the shoulders, flattened her dirty pillows, and wiiiide wiiiiide wiiiide in the "waist".  That part fit.  Must be all that nutritious food...

And I read all the global warming fiction I can, which they upload (Yahoo!) every 90F degree day.

Yeah, I'm gonna miss her.  I don't think Ann Romney will be nearly as entertaining.  I think she'll be taking those Global Warming "facts" with her.  But, I can still look forward to the "American's are fat" stories.  We probably won a gold medal in THAT, too.

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