No End in Sight for Showtime's 'Homeland,' Says Showrunner

Fans of Showtime's new hit series Homeland need not worry about a shortage of their favorite show anytime soon. According to creator and showrunner Alex Gansa, there's no endgame in sight for the show.

Talking to Zap2It, Gansa gave us a hint for the future of the show. "As for an endgame, Carrie [Mathison, played by Claire Danes] has a lot more trouble to get into, in a lot more places," he explained, pointing out how shooting the show's upcoming second season helped him to realize this. "We shot early episodes of Season 2 in Israel and were reminded that there's an urgency onscreen simply by being in unfamiliar surroundings."

There certainly seemed to be plenty of story left to tell at the end of the show's first season, which saw Brody (Damian Lewis) decide to forgo his suicidal terrorist attack for the sake of his wife Dana (Morena Baccarin), while Claire had an epiphany about Brody's connection to a terrorist plot right before receiving electrostatic therapy (for her bipolar disorder) -- which sent her into a seizure.

Yeah, Homeland's got plenty of time.

The series was nominated for quite a few Emmy awards this year, including nods for Lewis, Danes, directing, writing, and a Best Drama nomination as well -- quite a lot for a freshman drama. (Gansa, while appreciative, remarks that "It's the same for anyone running a show, whether you've won awards or not. You're just trying to tell the best story you can.")

Read the full interview Gansa over at Zap2It.

Season 2, which is currently still filming, is slated to premiere on September 30 on Showtime.

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Aug 16th, 2012, 7:09 pm

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