Sheens reunite on Anger Management


As Charlie Sheen looks to get his life back in order (well, as close to order as Charlie Sheen's life can be), he's going to have a friendly-face there to assist: father Martin Sheen has joined FX's Anger Management, as fictional Charlie's father, fictional Martin.

The series is expected to be picked up for an expected 90 episodes (really?) and papa Sheen has already committed to joining the cast as a regular, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

In the first episode with Martin, he stops by to visit Charlie, but Charlie is hesitant to see him because (fictional) Martin was a terrible dad. But papa is a different man, much nicer, kinder and gentler than Charlie remembers him.

Martin tries to convince Charlie, through lies, that he's always been a good father. He nearly pulls it off, but in the end the truth is revealed. But he wants a second chance...and a place to stay.

I can't say this is shocking news. Martin is an accomplished actor and this show is really important to Charlie's career heading forward. But at the same time, actors playing versions of themselves, especially with potentially tricky subject matter, can be pretty intense. Given the last two years of Charlie's life, imagine what that had to be like as a father. I'd imagine his entire family had to be worried they were going to get the worst possible phone call one day. Let's hope this helps that not be the case.

Can Emilio Estevez be far behind?

Next week is the season finale at 9:30 p.m. ET, after which the network will decide what it wants to do with the show.

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Written by: Hamatosan
Aug 17th, 2012, 7:35 am

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