British Miniseries 'Injustice' Headed to DVD

Looking for a little bit of intrigue from the other side of the pond? Well, come August 28, there's going to be a little bit more. 'Injustice,' a legal thriller starring James Purefoy (Rome, Revenge, the upcoming series The Following). It's an engrossing, gripping series that originally aired in five parts last year. It'll be hitting DVD from Acorn Media on August 28.

The series, which has recently aired in the United States on DirecTV, originally aired on ITV last year as a five-part miniseries. It centers on Will Travers, a barrister who will not represent a client unless he fully believes that they are completely innocent. If he discovers, after their acquittal, that they are not, he dispenses a little justice of his own.

At the beginning of the series, Travers "has fled from London murder trials to the peace of the Suffolk countryside with his family. He is called upon to defend an old friend in a homicide that may be much more than it seems, even as death strikes close to home and he becomes a target of investigation himself," says the press release for the set.

He's chased by a detective played wonderfully dickishly by Charlie Creed-Miles. The rest of the supporting cast is equally good, and includes Dervla Kirwan and Nathaniel Parker. It's Purefoy who steals the show, though, with a fantastic brooding performance as the conflicted Travers. If you're looking for more great Purefoy, you need look no further than this fall's new FOX series The Following, in which Purefoy plays the main antagonist.

The series is well-penned by writer Anthony Horowitz, who previously created the series Foyle's War and wrote the new Sherlock Holmes novel 'The House of Silk' last year. There's potential for the series to continue beyond just five episodes, though the story is close-ended enough to be satisfying for viewers.

Injustice hits DVD from Acorn Media on August 28.


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Written by: mcpherson
Aug 17th, 2012, 10:57 am


Message Posted On Jun 15th, 2013, 6:11 am
I have just watched the final part of this mini series. I would and should have enjoyed it but for the fact the loud music made it quite impossible to hear the conversation properly. When it wasn't the music it was other loud sounds. Is the conversation no longer important then?
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