Baffling New 'American Horror Story: Asylum' Teaser Released

Though I was ultimately disappointed with the first season of FX's psychosexual horror drama American Horror Story, I remained enamored with its style of promotion. The series was initially promoted with a few miniscule clips that were ultimately nonsensical due to their lack of context, but translated an eerie tone very effectively in just a few seconds. Based on those teasers alone I was convinced to watch, and though I wasn't a huge fan, the new teasers being released for American Horror Story: Asylum, the show's second season, are kind of making me want to give it another go.

The show's dramatic shift in setting takes us to a 1960s east coast sanitarium. Run by nuns, including one played by returning cast member Jessica Lange, the sanitarium is ultimately a pretty dreadful place. Well, at least, that's what these teasers are rather strongly hinting. The first of the teasers showed a nun dumping body parts out of buckets in the woods, while a second saw two nuns, one in white and one in black, with a blue coat. The new teaser is even more enigmatic because we can't really tell what it is.

It's titled "Hydrobath," which is odd considering that the white, milky liquid that fills the tub instead of water. The tub is covered with a zipper obviously intended to keep the occupant inside, though it's left unzipped, giving the tub a rather vaginal appearance. Sexual symbolism is, of course, nothing new to the series, but this is rather overt, isn't it? In any case, somebody is glimpsed squirming inside -- though whether they're drowning or something else isn't quite clear.

In any case, this teaser is just as creepy as the rest of the teasers for the series, and with presumably a few more to go before a full trailer is released, it'll be interesting to see what other creepy aspects of this asylum we'll get to glimpse.

Check out the teaser over at American Horror Story's YouTube page.

American Horror Story: Asylum will premiere on FX in October.

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Written by: mcpherson
Aug 20th, 2012, 8:49 pm

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