Treme Season 3 Premiere Date Set as September 23

The third season of HBO's New Orleans-set drama Treme has finally nabbed a premiere date. The series, which follows the city in the aftermath of the devastating Hurricane Katrina, follows several New Orleaners as they struggle to cope with the tragedy in various ways. Season 3, which will be set in 2007, two years after Katrina, was announced to be slated for a September 23 premiere. 

"First, the people came back," reads a press release for the series. "Then, the crime. Now, more than two years after the near death of a great city, the money is starting to arrive, which would sound like a solution if this were some place other than New Orleans, and this was some other era but America at the millennium."

Treme season 3 will feature ten episodes, on par with season 1's order but just under the eleven episodes that season 2 received. If the show's ratings remain steady, it's very likely that the show will be renewed for a fourth and final season, which is creator David Simon's plan.

“We’ve committed ourselves to documenting post-Katrina New Orleans in a way that takes relatively few liberties with what was actually at stake,” Simon said in the press release. “These are not mayors or police chiefs or gangsters battling for the future of their society. These characters are ordinary people – musicians, laborers, bar owners, fishermen, cooks – who couldn’t bear to walk away from what they understood to be great about their city. Their only weapon was the culture of New Orleans – its music, its food, its traditions, its street life. That’s what has brought the city back to the extent that it has returned.”

Treme will partner with Boardwalk Empire=, forming an effective Sunday night block for HBO. 

The season premiere, titled "Knock with Me - Rock with Me," will feature the following storylines, according to the release: "Antoine Batiste flirts with martyrdom; Janette Desautel encounters her old nemesis,Enrico Brulard (Victor Slezak), and a new suitor; Delmond and Albert Lambreaux debut their Indian-jazz album; Toni Bernette meets L.P. Everett, a new ally in her investigation of post-Katrina killings; LaDonna Batiste-Williams finds living with in-laws is its own kind of hell; Sonny is in an in-law hell of his own, and he and Linh (Hong Chau) aren’t even married; Nelson Hidalgo is barking up new money trees."

Treme season 3 premieres September 23 on HBO. 

- David Simon
- Treme

Written by: mcpherson
Aug 22nd, 2012, 10:28 am

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