Astro on X Factor: "I Was Treated Unfairly Backstage"

Astro looking at the cameraWhen you thought that X Factor was just about the music, think again. Recently another X Factor contestant, who was voted off, comes forward. Brian "Astro" Bradley, who we all remember as the arrogant 15-year-old rapper, told Huffington Post that he was treated unfairly backstage the day before his little outburst. Whereas it wasn't as memorable as Rachel Crow's recent reaction to elimination, Astro made a lot of viewers and music producers upset by his comments of "not wanting to perform in front of people who hate him". However, "Astro" says that he didn't mean it that way. He says "I didn't mean the people at home voting, I meant, like, 'X Factor.' I meant the show, that's it. And people kind of took my words the wrong way." Either way, it didn't look good for him or his future in the music industry that is for sure. See his little tantrum below:

Everyone can forgive a little outburst like this with younger children which begs the question, "Should X Factor allow children to be on stage like that?" There are several people who would say no to this and keep the competition for those who can handle the instant fame and scrutiny.

The explanation of why he acted in such a way is in hopes that everyone knows why the rapper reacted and that they will forgive him. The little rapper has talent, but it is hard to tell if his attitude is too much for him to handle. The former X Factor contestant is not yet signed to any label and is currently looking for more opportunities to go forward with his music. With the Finale to the first season of X Factor US coming next week, the remaining contestants wait to see who did enough to make it through. With Marcus Canty, Josh Krajcik, Chris Rene and Melanie Amaro still in it until tonight, the pressure is on. Who do you think is going to make it into the Final 3?

- The X Factor (US)

Written by: tvaholic
Dec 15th, 2011, 12:31 am

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