Boardwalk Empire Season 3: Details for the First Three Episodes Released

HBO's crime drama Boardwalk Empire, the spiritual successor to The Sopranos, has been slowly increasing in quality since it began, unevenly rising from a decent period drama to something truly compelling -- and, occasionally, shocking. The second season finale of the HBO series, titled "To the Lost," saw main character Nucky Thompson (Steve Buscemi) shoot and kill Jimmy Darmody (Michael Pitt), his protege and the show's secondary protagonist. We're going to be facing a radically different show upon Boardwalk Empire's return next month. 

Synopses for the first two episodes of the third season, which premieres September 16, have been released by HBO, giving us a glimpse of what sort of show will be back when Boardwalk Empire returns.

The first episode of the season, "Resolution," will introduce new bad guy Gyp Rosetti, played by Bobby Canavale. You can tell just by the synopsis that he's already being groomed to be the main villain of the season: "While hosting a New Year’s Eve party for 1922-23, Nucky makes a resolution that does not sit well with Gyp Rosetti, a touchy gangster with a thirst for bootleg whiskey. Margaret looks to build on the Thompson endowment at St. Theresa’s Hospital, to her husband’s displeasure. In the absence of Jimmy and the Commodore, Gillian builds a new business while monitoring Richard’s mentoring of her 'son,' Tommy. In Chicago, Al Capone is rankled by Irish mobster Dean O’Banion, and Van Alden stumbles onto a confrontation that could change his career path."

The second episode, "Spaghetti and Coffee," sounds a bit like a return to normalcy. "Mixing business with pleasure in New York, Nucky bristles at the collection tactics of Gaston Means, a 'special investigator' with ties to Attorney General Harry Daugherty," the press release reads. "At St. Theresa’s, Margaret is troubled when her altruism is met with resistance by both a patient and an idealistic doctor. Gyp extends his stopover in Tabor Heights, a town halfway between Atlantic City and New York, with an eye towards establishing a strategic foothold. Chalky and his daughter Maybelle (Christina Jackson) fail to agree on her future with Samuel (Ty Michael Robinson); Eli gets a new boss and faces new realities at home; a major liquor shipment takes an unexpected detour." "Spaghetti and Coffee" will air September 23. 

Meanwhile, the third episode is also named for food. "Bone for Tuna" will air September 30. Nucky's apparently going to be getting a bit of religion in this episode, likely as a result of his actions in the season 2 finale: "Disturbed by a recent nightmare and Billie’s absence, Nucky reluctantly joins Margaret to receive a high honor from the Church. Meanwhile, Gyp makes a deal with Nucky for a onetime liquor shipment, though the mobster’s longtime intentions remain very much up in the air. Van Alden regrets trying to socialize with his co-workers; Margaret takes her women’s-clinic pitch to a higher authority; Lucky and Meyer (Anatol Yusef) protect their investments; Richard sets the record straight with Mickey, and with Nucky."

What do you think? Are you excited for the new season? 

Boardwalk Empire season 3 will premiere Sunday, September 16 on HBO with the episode "Resolution." 

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Written by: mcpherson
Aug 23rd, 2012, 10:51 am

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