Forecast of 'Falling Skies' for Robert Sean Leonard and Gloria Reuben

Ahhh the coming of Autumn... the leaves change colour, the kids go back to school, and actors migrate to new homes for the coming season.

The latest series to add fresh faces to its cast is 'Falling Skies' on TNT, as reports that Robert Sean Leonard ('House') and Gloria Reuben ('Law & Order: Special Victims Unit') have signed on for recurring roles in the coming season.

Robert Sean Leonard & Gloria Reuben

Both actors have agreed to five-episode arcs in the coming season, with Reuben appearing with 'Falling Skies' star Noah Wyle for the first time since 'ER.' Reuben will portray Marina Perlata, an aide to Tom Mason (Wyle) against the invading alien force. Since her tenure on 'ER,' Reuben has appeared in a number of hit television shows and has roles in several upcoming feature films (including Spielberg's 'Lincoln'). She has previously appeared on the TNT series 'Raising the Bar.'

Leonard is widely known as Dr. James Wilson on the mega-hit 'House,' but the forty-three year old actor has been delivering critically-acclaimed performances in film and television since the mid-1980s. On 'Falling Skies,' Leonard will play Dr. Roger Kadar, an idiosyncratic scientist who runs Charlston's power grid while living underground with his pet rats. His odd lifestyle earns Kadar the nickname of "The Rat King," as the children of New Charleston are captivated by his unusual pets. After years as House's Wilson, a relatively understated and composed character, the prospect of an obsessive, eccentric role like Kadar could conceivably cement his presence as a premier talent on the small screen.

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Aug 23rd, 2012, 3:57 pm

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