The Walking Dead Season 3: First Three Episode Titles Revealed

The third season of AMC"s hit zombie drama The Walking Dead is slated to kick off in October, and while we haven't even seen the official key poster art for the season yet, the titles of the first three episodes have been revealed by SpoilerTV

Anyone looking to see a nod to the comic series with a season premiere titled "Safety Behind Bars" is just out of luck; the first episode of the series is simply titled "Seed." Yeah, that's a bit of a departure from the more verbose titles that littered the second season, and it really doesn't give away much (really, anything) about the premiere episode. What's the seed in question? The best guess I have is that it has something to do with Lori's pregnancy, but it could also be one of those metaphors that only makes sense within the context of the episode. "Seed" airs October 14. 

The second episode also has a frustratingly simple title: "Sick." There's not much revealed here either, except that there will probably be growing tensions within the group regarding Rick's revelation from the season 2 finale: that everyone is already infected with the virus that turns them into zombies. The storyline of this episode probably revolves around this in some way, but again, the title's just too damn vague. "Sick" airs October 21. 

The third episode of the season (and the final title we've got) is a little longer -- "Walk with Me." It gives away just as much, though when we partner it with what we know about the season already, it might give a little more away. Scenes from the trailer have seen Andrea (Laurie Holden) walking around Woodbury and chatting with the Governor (David Morrissey), who will likely be providing her and audiences with just a little bit of exposition. If I had to guess, that's the seed of this episode's title (see what I did there?), but again, these titles aren't nearly as fun to read into as, say, "Beside the Dying Fire," or "Tell It to the Frogs." 

The Walking Dead season 3 will premiere October 14 on AMC. 

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