Kristen Lehman finds 'Motive' up North

Who says you can't go home again?

Kristen Lehman smilesCanadian rising star Kristen Lehman ('The Killing') has signed on for the lead in 'Motive,' a new drama series for Canada's CTV, reports. Born in Toronto, Ontario but raised in Vancouver, British Columbia, Lehman heads home for 'Motive,' a police procedural which focuses on the darker side of Vancouver's streets. Following a fiesty female homicide detective (Lehman) as she matches wits with killers in a dangerous cat-and-mouse game, 'Motive' aims to focus on the minds of the criminal culprits as Lehman's character unravels each case. Writer and Executive Producer Daniel Cerone ('Dexter') is no stranger to games of cat-and-mouse, and his guiding presence adds promise to a premise that could otherwise seem repetitive.

Cast of Century CityEarning notoriety in the US with 'The Killing,' Lehman has been known to Canadian audiences for some time, appearing on several successful television series. With a breakout role as part of a high-profile ensemble series with 2004's 'Century City,' Lehman has been a mainstay of the small screen ever since. Fans of 'The Killing' may also remember her turn as Miami, the sultry poker professional, in 'Tilt' in 2005.

CTV has been Canada's highest rated, premier network since 2002 and is showing no signs of slowing down. Modeling itself off of the successful paradigm of the BBC across the pond, the network recently launched CTV2, expanding its brand further. Given the unbridled success of Cerone's 'Dexter,' it is likely that his newest project could find its way South of the border in due time--that is, if Canadian ratings give execs enough 'motive.'

- Kristin Lehman

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Aug 24th, 2012, 12:31 pm

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