Elliot Gould, Missi Pyle join pilot "I'm Not Dead Yet"

It seems TV Land is ready to up its game. reports that Oscar-nominated legend Elliot Gould and 'The Artist's Missi Pyle have been cast in the TV Land pilot 'I'm Not Dead Yet,' a single-camera comedy based on an Israeli format series.

Missi Pyle and Elliot Gould

Shooting in September, 'I'm Not Dead Yet' stars Ben Falcone as a man who learns he has a rare heart condition which could cause him to die at any moment--so he decides to finally be himself and start speaking his mind. The dark comedy also showcases the main character's shocked and skeptical wife (Pyle), his children and his father (Gould).

The inimitable Elliot Gould (who turns 74 years old next week) has been acting since 1964 and winning Elliot Gould as Jack Gellarawards since 1971. Nominated for an Oscar for 1969's 'Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice,' Gould's deadpan comedic delivery has earned him steady work and a loyal fanbase for decades. While the current generation may know him best as Ross & Monica's father on 'Friends,' Gould's credits include several classic films such as 'A Bridge Too Far' (1977) and 'The Lady Vanishes' (1979). Since the 1990's Gould has primarily showcased his talents in television and video games, managing to retain a big-screen presence no matter what the role.


Missi Pyle, a character actress of wide appeal, saw her stock rise dramatically with her role in the Pyle in The ArtistAcademy Award Best Picture winning 'The Artist.' With recurring roles on 'Two & A Half Men' and 'The Life & Times of Tim,' Pyle's comedic range has proven mettle. Primarily a supporting actress, Pyle's role in 'I'm Not Dead Yet' promises much opportunity to play off of the show's other leads.

Three and a half years ago, Israeli format television series began being adapted for American audiences, starting a boom of popularity that is yet to slow down. Successful previous Israeli format series include 'Homeland' and 'In Treatment,' paving the way for 'I'm Not Dead Yet' and other series of differing genre. A result of this popularity is American networks purchasing as many Israeli properties in 2012 as they did British, an unprecedented show of the voracious appetite for the Middle Eastern programming.

With a cast like Gould and Pyle, 'I'm Not Dead Yet' seems primed to continue this trend with gusto.

- Ben Falcone
- Missi Pyle
- Elliott Gould

Written by: bad_subject
Aug 24th, 2012, 1:13 pm


Message Posted On Aug 24th, 2012, 2:34 pm
The israeli series is a gotesque kind of comedy - the characters are non real and most of the roles were cast magnificently - I hope the american one will have a good cast - otherwise it will not out live the pilot phase.
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