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Breaking Bad Badger Invades Schrute's Farm

The Schrute family once was two, now is many. News dropped today from The Hollywood Reporter that one of Jesse Pinkman's old stomping buddies has been cast as Dwight's cousin.

No, not Skinny Pete.

Matt Jones

Matt Jones, who plays "Badger" on AMC's "Breaking Bad", will join the expanding-by-the-day cast of the Schrute-centric spin-off of "The Office", entitled "The Farm". This after we learned yesterday that Thomas Middleditch had reportedly been cast as Dwight's brother, Jeb Schrute, described as a "happy-go-lucky guy who's excited but not capable, motivated but lacking follow through." They join "Roswell"'s Majandra Delfino and Blake Garrette as Dwight's younger sister Frannie and nephew Cameron, respectively.

"The Farm" revolves around Rainn Wilson's "Office" alter-ego running Schrute Farms, the trials and tribulations of managing its lucrative beet crop, and the oddball craziness of the farm's bed-and-breakfast inn. The farm's insanity has been visited several times in classic and not-so-classic episodes of NBC's "The Office". Reportedly, one possibility for the final season of the long-running single camera workplace comedy is to introduce the farm and its residents as a kind of back-door pilot before debuting the show in Fall 2013.

No word on whether the cast agreed to be paid in Schrute Bucks.

- The Office (US)

Written by: kyleiam
Aug 24th, 2012, 5:51 pm

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