Dot Jones Loves Sitcoms, Appears on The Exes

Dot Jones spent years paying her dues in Hollywood, appearing on everything from Roseann to Married With Children. She landed the role of a lifetime as sensitive Coach Shannon Beiste on Glee, nominated for two Emmy awards for her performance. The actressi s now heading over to TV Land's hit comedy The Exes to make quite a drastic character change.

Jones will apear Wednesday as a lesbian who hits on Holly (Kristen Johnson) when she finds herself in a gay bar. The star cannot gush enough about the role, telling Entertainment Tonight that it's going to leave the audience laughing. "There's a hilarious picture of us cheek to cheek," Jones said "I love Kristen. She's just so dang funny. This is the work I want to do more of. Working in the sitcom world would be a dream job."

Audiences had quite the treat as the pair worked through their scenes. "Every time I came up to her, I'd try to make her laugh and she loved it, it was a win-win situation," she told The Hollywood Reporter. "I'd go up to ask her to dance and do silly things to try and get her to break character. I never made her break, but I certainly tried to."

Though Jones loves working on sitcoms, she's in no hurry to leave her job on Glee. "I'm very proud of what I get to do, and more proud of what Ryan [Murphy, creator] trusts me with." This season Coach Beiste will appear in the season, but not until later episodes. "The last I heard, I will be back in episode five. I don't know how many episodes I'll get to do this year. But I love being a part of that show."

Jones will appear on The Exes August 29 at 10:30/9:30c on TV Land.

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Written by: mawarner
Aug 27th, 2012, 9:52 am

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