It's a "Clueless" Reunion on "Suburgatory"

Robin Givens isn’t the only big name coming to Suburgatory. Though Givens will play a vital character out to stir up some tension with the moms of Chatswin, it appears that Alicia Silverstone will also make an appearance before the season wraps up.

Silverstone will play Eden, a love interest for Jeremy Sisto, George, who is rarely seen with a lady on his side. Though her role is completely harmless, it’s likely Eden will cause some jealousy with Dallas, the mother who is lovesick for George. There’s few details about Silverstone’s recurring role, but it appears Eden will have a job that is so unusual that is causes friction between George and his best friend Noah (played by Alan Tudyk).

This is not just an on-screen pairing made in heaven, but it’s a reunion of past flames! Remember the 1995 high school (now cult classic) “Clueless?” Sisto played Silverstone’s loser boyfriend, before she fell deeply in love with her step-brother. It’s almost like George is a grown-up version of Elton- carefree, laid back, but not willing to break any rules. The only thing is that Elton was part of a different world, it’s like if Elton and Cher had married after high school. Her world was so different from his because she was popular and rich.

Throughout the series the creators should consider sticking Stacey Dash, Donald Faison or Paul Rudd in for a cameo here or there. “Clueless” fans would flock to their TVs for such a stellar reunion. For now, Silverstone's cameo is rumored for February sweeps.A

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Written by: mawarner
Dec 15th, 2011, 10:22 pm