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HBO Releases Haunting Teaser for 'The Girl'

The Master of Suspense is being dramatized by HBO, and you can be sure to see more than his usual cameo.

Toby Jones as Hitchcock

The shot above features Toby Jones ('Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets') as the iconic Alfred Hitchcock, one of two starring roles in the HBO film 'The Girl.' The film portends creepiness and strange psychological twists and turns, but of a slightly different variety than Hitchcock fans are accustomed to: 'The Girl' focuses on the legendary director's bizarre fixation on actress Tippi Hedren (Sienna Miller, in the other starring role).

Julian Jarrold helms the project which brings an aspect of the director's character to the fore that went unbeknownst to film fans for decades. Now 82-year-old Hedren has gone public regarding how the director incessantly pursued her romantically, becoming cruel and vindictive when his advances were spurned. Beyond a romantic entanglement, Hedren insists that her refusal to engage with the director cost her several roles and eventually her entire career. 'The Girl' focuses on the chaotically-charged relationship between the duo who together produced such classics as 'The Birds' and 'Marnie.'

HBO's Youtube Channel has released a new teaser snippet from the highly anticipated film, which can be viewed below:


and here is the previously released teaser:


Regardless of how one feels about the unsettling revelation into Hitchcock's character, the casting of Miller as Tippi HedrenSienna Miller at the very least gives credibility to how someone could become completely infatuated with the blonde starlet. Bursting onto the scene in 2004 with 'Layer Cake' and 'Alfie,' Miller's roles have ranged from quirky to sultry and back again, with audiences falling in love with her at every turn. The interplay between Miller and Jones is sure to bring audiences back to 'The Girl' more than once.

HBO's 'The Girl' premieres on October 20, 2012.

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Aug 27th, 2012, 4:49 am

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