Breaking Bad 5.08 "Gliding Over All" Photos: Does Jesse Find Out?

Be warned: this article contains spoilers from Sunday's episode of Breaking Bad, "Say My Name." If you haven't seen that episode, don't read this article. 

The seventh episode of Breaking Bad's fifth season (and the penultimate entry in this year's eight-episode block) ended with what was less of a shocker and more of an inevitable moment. In a fit of ego-induced rage, Walter White (Bryan Cranston) shot Mike Ehrmentraut (Jonathan Banks) in the gut. Mike spent his last moments beside a peaceful river, telling Walter to shut up so that he could "die in peace." In the last moment of the episode, he did, keeling over into the weeds with a thud. 

So how will "Gliding Over All," next Sunday's midseason finale, follow that up? Killing off a main character is a hard act to follow, but you can bet the series will keep the tension going as it builds up into a massive cliffhanger -- its last one before next year's final stretch of episodes. 

We recently posted a sneak peek from the episode that featured Walt (as Heisenberg) meeting Lydia in a restaurant to get the list of ten names of the imprisoned Fring associates who might flip. 

The two newly released promo photos from "Gliding Over All" don't feature that scene, instead showing a shot of Jesse and Walt, both with conflicted, confused expressions. 

Jesse is standing in a doorway, and his facial expression seems to indicate that he is unpleasantly surprised to see his caller -- who is most likely Walt. If I had to guess, this image is of Jesse hearing of Mike's death, though it would be just so easy for Walt to just cover up the murder and say that Mike made his escape after all. In any case, you can bet that Jesse's going to find himself dragged back into the meth game. 

The second photo is of Walt looking introspective. It's obvious from the final scene of "Say My Name" that, on some level, he regrets killing Mike, though he'll likely cook up a way to rationalize taking his former co-worker out. Will this killing end up haunting him, or simply motivate him to commit more heinous acts? It's almost certain that it will be the latter. 

What do you think? What do you expect to see from Breaking Bad's final episode of 2012? 

Breaking Bad will air its midseason finale, "Gliding Over All," Sunday, September 2 on AMC. 

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Message Posted On Aug 27th, 2012, 4:48 pm
Mike was frighteningly competent, along several key fronts. So much so, that he often emerged, if not as a grumpy old super(anti)hero, then certainly, at times, fulfilling a sort of (again, grumpy) deus ex machina narrative device. And so we will see how the new distribution guy is able live up to that (I tend to think Declan will be more crew-intensive and reliant than our one-man-army Mike - who, even when he had an active crew, was still a frequent soloist, grumpily/gloriously so, of course!) *** With new distribution guy, the wild-card Declan; the (still, I'm sure) skittish Lydia; the soon-to-be-unpaid 10-member Old Crew; a rather shaken Jesse; a prone to shooting kids, unpredictable Todd; a venomous Skyler; and, a not to be underestimated Schrader (along with a motivated Gomez, deacetera) *** am I missing anyone/anything else? An ominous M60 Light Machine Gun which we glimpse at the beginning the season's opener, is perhaps indicative as to the range of outcomes (many of which... bad) so many tumultuous antecedents can bring to the fore *** So, expect chaos to Break (ugh, that was Bad). And, mercifully, for much of tv out there, expect uncertainty. *** It is not for naught that Walt's nom de guerre undoubtedly serves as an homage to Nobel Prize winning physicist Werner Heisenberg, one of the founders of Quantum Mechanics, and the one who in 1927 discovered the pivotal Uncertainty Principe. *** Breaking Bad never had never thrown that many uncertain/moving parts for Walt to juggle, as he empire-builds in earnest.
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