Katie Couric to welcome Jessica Simpson, Sheryl Crow, others

“Katie” will have some star power in the form of famous female guests discussing universal challenges they have or are facing.

Katie Couric

Jessica Simpson, who recently had a baby, will discuss recent changes and challenges in her life, and Sheryl Crow, Wendy Williams, Heidi Klum, Susan Sarandon and Chelsea Handler will also appear, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Couric is reportedly attempting to delve into substantial issues for the time being, and be “smart with heart,” Couric has said. For instance, “The X Factor’s” Demi Lovato will discuss her past anorexia and bulimia struggles, and Crow will likely address her recent brain tumor diagnosis.

The guests won’t all be stars, though. Sharon and Lexie Love, whose daughter and sister, respectively, Yeardley, was killed by her ex-boyfriend two years ago, will appear on an episode focusing on date violence. Amanda Knox’s boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito will also appear to discuss the famous murder case, his life since in Italian prison and also reuniting with Knox

Couric may also add segments like “women who should be famous” about “remarkable women who are doing extraordinary things,” and “YOLO: You only live once,” which will show Couric and others checking items off of their bucket lists.

- Katie Couric
- Jessica Simpson

Written by: KurtK26
Aug 28th, 2012, 8:46 am

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