Will you be watching the new "Daybreak"?


Fans of ITV'S GMTV morning strand were distraught when tuning into it's replacement in September 2010. After culling the cast of presenters and reporters and bringing in new faces such as Adrian Chiles and Christine Bleakley, the new show 'Daybreak' struggled to maintain never mind beat the ratings of its predecessor.



Christine and Adrian managed to last just over a year before interim presenters and GMTV alumni Kate Garraway and Dan Lobb took over whilst the show prepared it's biggest relaunch yet. The ratings were up from the shows first incarnation and set updates aplenty followed.





But more is still to come. With ITV's top daytime executive producer Karl Newton (responsible for the relaunch of This Morning) and Channel 5 News editor David Kermode in charge, a complete new setup was originally meant to first broadcast in April 2012. 




Five months later ITV is ready to debut the brand new look show from September 3rd. But what do we know so far and will you be tuning in?

First of all a hint to the shows new branding and colour scheme as the new logo has been released.

We also now have some sort of idea on how the show will be presented and it's not too different from GMTV's previous setup.

The show will be split into two different presenting teams with BBC North West Tonight's Ranvir Singh co-presenting with Channel 5 New's Matt Barbet between 6am and 7am each morning. Between 7am and 8.30am, Monday-Thursday, before presenting her standalone show Lorraine Kelly will be joined by Aled Jones. Ranvir will present the news throughout the rest of the show taking over from stand-in presenter Lucy Watson who will stay with the programme as a correspondent for New York.

On Friday's Lorraine will be replaced by Kate Garraway, whilst Dan Lobb makes his last appearance on the show tomorrow morning (Friday August 31st). Laura Tobin has also been announced as the programmes new weather presenter who will also be leaving the BBC to take up the position, replacing stand-in presenter Alex Beresford. The show will now be sharing studio space with Lorraine, who's ratings have not suffered since it's reboot from GMTV with Lorraine.

Are you impressed with the promised changes and more importantly will you be tuning in this Monday morning?

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- Dan Lobb
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Written by: TomSouthwell
Aug 30th, 2012, 7:51 am


Message Posted On Sep 3rd, 2012, 2:19 am
Why on earth have they let Dan Lobb go - He was a terrific morning show host with bags of personality and dare I say great eye candy too. Daybreak have gone backwards by having Lorraine Kelly take the main anchor job and as for Aled Jones, well he should stick to radio. As for Kate Garroway - well I would have thought that she would have taken the hint by now and QUIT. Bossy, arrogant female who talks over everybody else, she has been demoted twice now but still the bosses that be keep her one -WHY? This new format will sink the show completely and now Dan has gone, maybe it is a good thing too. If this message ever gets read, by the top brass, Give Dan Lobb an even better show, don't lose him back to sport programs because the public like him and will follow him bring you better ratings and advertising revenue.
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