Edge to Reprise Role on Syfy's HAVEN

In the season two finale of Syfy’s drama HAVEN, Audrey was kidnapped as Nathan was warned to avoid beginning a relationship with her. Audrey is still working hard to unlock secrets about the city of Haven, Maine to understand her past. All Audrey knows is that she is a former FBI agent, but she can remember no other details. While Audrey is kidnapped, Duke was in a fight with Nathan as Nathan learns that it’s in his blood to kill any Haven citizens who have problems. Season three returns Sept. 21 at 10/9c and fans can expect a big return of a favorite guest star.

WWE’s Edge (Adam Copeland) is set to return to HAVEN as Dwight Hendrickson. Last season Edge first appeared in this role as a “troubled handyman” who can take on any problems, helping make the town “cleaner.” Dwight is a longtime friend of Nathan’s father. He realizes that something is off about this quiet little town, but does not give away any secrets that he learned from Nathan‘s father. Instead, his most vital role is helping to keep Haven’s secrets completely hidden from the outside world. The last time Dwight made an appearance he was arrested for walking around hunting in the city with a crossbow. Nathan gets him released because he witnessed it happen, but it forever changes Dwight’s relationship with the city.

Edge will reprise his role in a muti-arc set of shows throughout the third season. He is just the latest guest star among previously announced Iain Glen, Bree Williamson, Dorian Missick, Kate Kelton, Nolan North and Claudia Black who will join season three. HAVEN follows the story of The Colorado Kid by Stephen King.

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Aug 30th, 2012, 7:09 pm


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Every mention of Edge should read "ELEVEN-TIME WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION Edge". Over and over.

He should be credited that way on the show's opening, as well.


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