SyFy's Hot Set Premieres September 18

With the booming success of the reality competition Face Off, it's only natural for SyFy to branch from costumes and creatures to a competition designed around creating film sets. Hot Set is the newest competition from SyFy, where two Hollywood production designers and their teams compete in challenges designed around themes. The goal is to create complete movie sets that draw inspiration from fantasy, horror and sci -fi. Much like Face Off, each hour long episode will feature a different competition and the winner is determined based off creativity, presentation and technique.

Each team consists of two team members who will create the sets in a short period of time. They must complete the set not only within a specific amount of time, but while staying in a budget an on theme as well. The set must be film-quality as well. Once the time is up, the team must then shoot a scene for a movie within 30 minutes on the set. Ultimately one team will win a $10,000 prize. Director's Guild Award nominee Curt Beech, Lilly Kilvert and Art Director's Guild Award nominee Barry Robinson will judge the show each week, critiquing each set.

Contestants include Greg Arnowitz, Carlos Osorio, Abra Brayman, Craig Pavilionis, Charlotte Newman, Roger Ambrose, Thomas Brown, Brandy Alexander, Carol Clements, and Tudor Boloni.

Hot Set premieres Sept 18 at 10/9c just before a new episode of Face Off.


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Written by: mawarner
Aug 30th, 2012, 7:58 pm

M Binder

Message Posted On Sep 11th, 2012, 3:11 pm
Can't wait till it starts.
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