Randy Jackson steps from Judge to Mentor on 'American Idol'

After a whopping 392 episodes as a judge on the international phenomenon 'American Idol,' Randy Jackson needs a break. Not from the show, not from the fans, not from the astronomical salary: just from the judge's desk. Reports indicate that Jackson will serve as a Mentor to the contestants on the upcoming season of 'American Idol,' leading to an all-new panel of judges as the last stalwart of the first season would be stepping down.

Randy JacksonAllegedly, 'American Idol' producers are concerned that Jackson is not well-suited to the mentor role, however they are unwilling to let the highly-popular and recognizable star depart the series altogether. While FOX executives offered no official comment on the Jackson situation, TMZ reports that a deal to bring bizarre starlet Nicki Minaj to the judge's table is "99% done." Minaj would join pop icon Mariah Carey, the only confirmed name at a four-seat table for the new season. Several celebrity names have been considered for the sought-after seats, with FOX reserving at least one position for a judge from the country music world.

Jackson was always the friendly and relatable face of 'American Idol,' so keeping his presence is a top priority. I imagine he would do just fine as a mentor for anything... that smooth voice... the distinguished good looks... his calming,  even-handed presence...

I've said too much.

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Written by: bad_subject
Aug 31st, 2012, 9:28 am

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