The Daily Show Promises to Talk About Clint Eastwood's RNC Chair-Chatting Tonight

For those of you who still aren't aware of this week's Daily Show schedule, Comedy Central's joke-news series will be airing tonight. The show's Monday episode was omitted so that the show could more ably cover this week's Republican National Convention. And boy, after last night, we're so glad the Daily Show is around tonight to talk about this. 

Thursday night's episode of The Daily Show was recorded before famed actor and director Clint Eastwood took the stage to deliver what was ultimately the most baffling speech in recent memory. As the convention's special surprise guest, the 82-year-old Eastwood confused pretty much everyone listening in his unscripted, hard-to-follow speech. The weirdest moment was, of course, when Eastwood decided to address President Obama (obviously not present) by talking to an empty chair next to him. It was baffling, and it distracted from the subsequent speeches from Florida senator Marco Rubio and Mitt Romney himself (both of which will likely be poked at by Stewart tonight). 

The Daily Show will certainly be covering Eastwood's chair chat -- or, as Twitter has dubbed it, "Eastwooding" -- on tonight's show. A post on the show's Facebook page read, "Just a reminder we're on TONIGHT at 11/10c. And this happened." Attached was the picture of Eastwood and the chair, deep in conversation. 

I personally can't wait to see what jokes Stewart makes about the chair, but I'm also interested to see how Stewart reacts to the actual meat-and-potatoes of the convention: Romney's speech. 

The Daily Show has been taping in Tampa, Florida, this week, and has featured Republican guests such as Marco Rubio (with whom Stewart had a great conversation), Herman Cain (with whom Stewart tried to have a great conversation, but had a truly hilarious one instead), and Michael Steele (another great conversationalist). The Daily Show doesn't have a guest slated for tonight. 

The Daily Show will air at 11/10c. 


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Written by: mcpherson
Aug 31st, 2012, 11:43 am

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