Louie 3.11 "Late Show Part 2" Promo: Louie Takes a Week Off

There will be no new episode of Louie this week. The series, which just kicked off a three-episode arc, "Late Show," is taking the week off and returning on September 13. It's a questionable move by FX, especially when you consider that the network will be airing a marathon of Charlie Sheen's Anger Management on Thursday night. As last Thursday's episode saw Louie fretting about being bumped from The Tonight Show by a bigger star, the irony is quite clear. 

In any case, the "Late Show" trilogy will resume on September 13 with part 2, which sees Louie still considering the offer given to him by the CBS boss in the closing scene of part 1. The pressure is building, though -- Louie is fielding late-night calls from Jay Leno, who's "been hearing something through the grapevine." 

Louie meets with his ex-wife, who admonishes his indecision. "If you don't do this, what was it all for?" she asks. 

Louie apparently accepts the offer, because the next clip is of him apparently on a soundstage, trying to bite his nails before being told to "start" by a harsh voice offscreen. It's obvious that he's going to be out of his element with the whole talk show thing, but it would be really nice for him to continue his successful streak set up by part 1. 

What do you think? Check out the promo below. 

"Late Show Part 2" airs Thursday, September 13 on FX. 

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- Louis C.K.
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Written by: mcpherson
Sep 2nd, 2012, 1:45 pm

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