Miami Heat's Chris Bosh to Appear On NBC's Go On

The time has come for Matthew Perry to make his return to television in a big way. Since his time on the hit comedy Friends, Perry has played a vital role in a number of short-lived series. This includes the underrated Studio 60 on Sunset Strip and ABC’s Mr. Sunshine. In September Perry returns to NBC on one of the most anticipated sitcoms of the season, Go On. The show has such potential that it’s already lined up four big name guest stars.

Go On follows the story of a sports-talk radio host who is having difficulty dealing with the death of his wife. To get in touch with his feelings he joins a support group with a bunch of “wacky” members who have their own problems that they are dealing with.

As previously reported NBC correspondant Bob Costas is set to appear as himself in an upcoming episode. Costas will come to town with an unbelievable career opportunity for Ryan King (Perry). The well known anchor is a huge fan of The Ryan King Show and wants him to join his team.

Hockey player Jeremy Roenick and former Alias star Michael Vartan will also appear in an episode as themselves, facing off in a game of hockey against Ryan at the beginning of the series, but it’s the latest announcement that has the Internet buzzing.

The Hollywood Reporter confirmed that viewers can expect a cameo from Miami heat star Chris Bosh also during its debut season. Bosh, who did win an NBA title in 2011, will play himself as a guest on The Ryan King Show.

Go On appeared as a sneak peek following the Olympics with a comfortable 16 million viewers. The series officially premieres at 9/8c on Tuesday, Sept. 11 on NBC.

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Written by: mawarner
Sep 2nd, 2012, 7:55 pm

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