No Surprise- Jennifer Aniston Was a Hippy

Former Friends star Jennifer Aniston is busy preparing her upcoming wedding to actor Justin Theroux. Aniston met the actor when filming the indie comedy Wanderlust just over a year ago. A future husband isn’t the only thing Aniston found while filming the underrated comedy.

Wanderlust follows the story of a Manhattan couple who moves to a rural commune after losing their jobs and home in the city. They wander upon the commune while traveling from New York to Georgia to stay with a relative. The pair is quickly entranced with the idea of free love and carefree attitudes, regardless what affect it had on their marriage.

Aniston admitted to OK! Uk that she rediscovered her youth while filming Wanderlust. "I was definitely a hippy in my early twenties. At least in regards to the clothes. I loved that style. And I do like the attitude of being a little bit more carefree," she shared. "I actually rediscovered that while shooting Wanderlust. We were in a small town in the South and it was so great for me. I felt I was getting my anonymity back.

Not only did she retreat back to her youth for a few weeks, but it had a lasting effect on her life. “My body just decompressed all of a sudden. It was very relaxing for me,” she said. "It changed me. I realised how stressed-out and how paranoid I am all the time. I feel so guarded and that makes it difficult to relax.”

Being in the limelight constantly can do that to a person, especially when you’re a paparazzi magnet like Aniston.

- Jennifer Aniston
- Friends

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Sep 2nd, 2012, 8:23 pm


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As in "hippy dippy"weather man?  


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It's "hippie", not hippy.

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