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Conan O'Brien Leaves Comedy Behind for New Web Series

Comedian Conan O’brien isn’t afraid to take chances. If it’s anything he learned after his controversial departure from NBC (losing his Tonight Show chair to former host Jay Leno), it’s that he has some of the most loyal fans in the world. Team Coco and Team Jay popped up all over the Internet, and Team Coco is still going strong, backing even his latest venture- Serious Jibber Jabber.

On Friday a teaser appeared on TeamCoco.com of the project that AT&T is sponsoring. The 41 second clip hints that O’brien is looking to expand his resume in a Tavis Smiley-style setting. The room is dark and jokes seem to be aside. Just who will O’brien be interviewing? This is still a mystery. He says that it’s his dream to be having conversations like he will on his web exclusive series and that he probably wants to talk to the subject longer than he wants to talk to O’brien.

There is just enough mystery in this short clip to make any Team Coco member tune in. However, will O’brien be taken seriously? He is known for his jokester antics on late night with just enough shocking and offensive humor to attract the younger audiences. However, behind the goofy antics O’brien is an experienced reporter having worked on his school newspapers in high school and college. He even has a degree from Harvard University where he studied literature and history.

Though we all know him for being funny, it could be a fresh change to see him morph into a serious reporter. Variety points out that Ryan Seacrest can do it, so why can’t O’brien? A fresh correspondent is exactly what major news networks need.

- Conan
- Conan O'Brien

Written by: mawarner
Sep 2nd, 2012, 9:17 pm

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