Sons of Anarchy - An Exclusive Look Inside Season 5

FX’s Shakespearean take on the Motorcycle Club, Sons of Anarchy, returns next Tuesday on a story-beat the Bard himself would have approved of.  After deciding to murder his treacherous stepfather Clay, Jax ultimately had to allow him to live to serve the greater good.  Now, having ascended to the presidency of Samcro, Jax must serve at the same table as this man who killed his father.  These left fans of Sons of Anarchy with a multitude of questions:  how will Jax perform as president, and will the club recognize his leadership?  Will Clay be content to sit idly by and accept his defeat? Just how expendable are the SOA to their new CIA masters?

To help assuage your thirst, and tantalize you even further, we’ve put together some insider info on plot points you will see within the first two episodes of Sons of Anarchy’s fifth season premiere.  Read on for some top secret details on Sons of Anarchy Season 5.  Suffice to say spoilers lurk beyond this point, and even more questions.

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Written by: bnyle
Sep 4th, 2012, 7:11 am

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