Breaking Bad Midseason Finale Ratings Don't Match Series Record, Still High

As I hope you're able to guess, this article contains spoilers for Sunday's midseason finale of Breaking Bad. Read ahead only if you've seen the episode. 

How about that midseason finale of Breaking Bad, eh? "Gliding Over All," the eighth episode of the show's fifth season, and the last of 2012, aired Sunday night. The episode covered more ground than most seasons of the series do, with Walt eliminating potential informants in a bloody montage, then expanding his business to the Czech Republic, literally making more money than he (well, Skyler) can count.

While I kind of wish there had been a little more room for this to be developed, he eventually loses his taste for the meth business and opts to get out. Things look just peachy until Hank goes to the bathroom and discovers Walt's copy of Leaves of Grass, with an inscription inside from deceased meth cook Gale to W.W. Hank puts the pieces together, and his shocked expression is the last image we'll see of Breaking Bad for nearly a year. 

You couldn't call "Gliding Over All" anything but a massive episode, but how were the ratings? "Say My Name," the previous week's episode, had set a record for the series with a whopping 2.98 million viewers. Despite being the show's midseason finale, though, "Gliding Over All," didn't quite attract those numbers. It clocked in at about 2.8 million, about on par with this season's "Buyout," but a little under both "Say My Name" and the season premiere, "Live Free or Die." 

Were there really that many Mike fans who just couldn't deal with the show after the shocking ending of "Say My Name?" 

Of course, it's not like the ratings have a huge impact on the series. Breaking Bad is definitely airing its final eight episodes next summer on AMC. Here's hoping these next eleven months can move just as quickly as time did in "Gliding Over All." 

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Written by: mcpherson
Sep 4th, 2012, 2:13 pm

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