'Beverly Hills Cop' finds a home at CBS

Axel FoleyAfter being pitched and shopped to every major network in America, the ‘Beverly Hills Cop’ series envisioned by Eddie Murphy has found its home at CBS. The series will be an official sequel to the film series of the same name which will employ Murphy as an Executive Producer, along with ‘The Shield’s Shawn Ryan.

With Ryan as showrunner, CBS has ordered a pilot for ‘Beverly Hills Cop’ which will focus on Axel Foley’s blue-collar son following in his father’s footsteps from Detroit to Beverly Hills. Murphy will reportedly reprise his role as Axel Foley in the pilot, as Foley has now become Chief of Police in Detroit; how they manage to explain his son being transported cross-country in the same fish-out-of-water scenario remains to be seen. The ‘Beverly Hills Cop’ series will be solidly placed in the same universe as the films, as the main character will also be forced to compete with his legendary father’s reigning reputation on the force. Ryan is scripting the pilot based on Murphy’s pitch.

This marks Ryan’s return to CBS where he headed-up ‘The Unit’ for four seasons. Critically-acclaimed, ‘The Unit’ was a rousing success for both Ryan and CBS and it makes sense for the parties to link up again. Executive Production in television is not what Murphy is known for, however after plans for a fourth feature film ‘Beverly Hills Cop’ installment fell flat, he turned his sights to the small screen in order to bring Foley back to his fans.

No word yet on whether or not Judge Reinhold will be making an appearance in the series as Billy Rosewood but… we can hope. We can hope. 

- Shawn Ryan
- Eddie Murphy

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oh good grief another has been trying to make a comeback


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While it's hardly surprising that CBS would jump on another cop show, if the show really does keep the sense of humor present in the film series, it will be supremely out of place amidst the rest of CBS' crime lineup. Then again, maybe that's a good thing. I'll definitely at least watch the pilot, just to see Axel Foley's return if nothing else. And the world needs more Judge Reinhold.

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