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Ratings for 'Coma' on Life Support

Silver dude in a comaSeemingly healthy people are slipping into comas. They fall asleep… and they don’t wake up. Do you wanna watch that? Nah, America didn’t want to either. A&E’s miniseries ‘Coma,’ the retelling of the 1978 hit, drew an audience of only 1.8 million viewers for its first episode. Considering how many of those viewers would be tuning in due to the 1978 series or just to check out a new series, fears are that number could dwindle even further by episode two.

An obvious explanation would be to point the finger at the holiday weekend to explain ‘Coma’s lackluster debut, however A&E specifically targeted this weekend in hopes of gathering viewers relaxing with an extra day off of work.  We can’t blame the genre of medical miniseries either, as A&E’s last foray into the emergency room produced ‘Andromeda Strain,’ which delivered nearly four times as many viewers for its first episode.

The miniseries comes to a close tonight, ending the most recent telling of Robin Cook’s classic tale. There was no shortage of name recognition amongst ‘Coma’s cast, which includes Ellen Burstyn (‘Requiem for a Dream’), Geena Davis (‘Stuart Little’) and James Woods (‘Videodrome’). Reviews of the episode were middling, so it is doubtful that this number will spike any higher this evening.

But then… who will find out the secret behind why people are falling asleep and not waking---okay, I’m too bored by the premise to finish that sentence. 

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Written by: bad_subject
Sep 5th, 2012, 9:27 am


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Message Posted On Sep 7th, 2012, 3:16 pm

Nice article!


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Message Posted On Sep 6th, 2012, 8:14 pm

Well I'll be honnest, I started watching this and to say truthfully I am not a big fan nor not small fan of medical drama series, not at all but something about this one had me going, had me wanting to discover more. As time passed One fear grew in me and one fear alone. and Then bang there it was, The thing I feared the most happened.

I guess that , fear alone is exactly why a lot of us don't get really involved with a show until 4 or 5 episodes. The fear I am referring to is the fear that some ax happy half cocked drunk corp exec throught his telephatics capabilities of seeing the ratings in advance cancelles a show after one or two episodes.

I mean now when a new show comes out I will tape the first few episodes and if after a month it is still around I will start to watch them cause there is nothing more fustrating then to invest time into a show only to have it all taken away after only a few episodes for some un seen low rating.

supposibly this show only had 4 episodes so why cancel after two why not let 3 and 4 play so we may know the answers to the questions we started asking ourselfs on the first episode. I mean what else are you going to fit in a two show time slot that win bring more viewers. Come on if you knew that then you would not have started this four show miniseries to begin with.

Now continue wondering why ratings on new shows start out low.   In case you already forgot again it is because we the people don't like to be disappointed by your cancelling of various shows that just had a few episodes go by.



Message Posted On Sep 5th, 2012, 11:27 pm
To the one commenter about the photo: I had seen the photos and trailers and I tuned in to watch because I thought it looked really interesting. I actually really liked it, I honestly didn't see anything wrong with it. It was creepy in a way and mysterious. Acting was great and it kept me entertained. I don't know why a lot of poeple thought it looked weird so didn't watch it. It doesn't look any more weird than all the sci fy movies that come out that people flock to.

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Message Posted On Sep 5th, 2012, 2:03 pm

I just think the picture looks stupid, I'm pretty sure nobody who saw that beforehand tuned in :P


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Message Posted On Sep 5th, 2012, 9:34 am

Wow. Those are some terrible ratings. Especially considering what the last major TV mini-series (Hatfields and McCoys) drew. I think the low ratings are due to 1. the story having been done before, 2. the stupidity of premiering a drama/thriller mini-series at the tail end of the labor day weekend, and 3. the mediocre advance reviews. I can't argue that the cast isn't great though.

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