DNC outdrawing RNC thus far, by a hair


One queston has kept America up at night for the last week: Can Honey Boo Boo outdraw the Democratic National Convention? And if so, should she be given the presidency?

Well, she's six, so question two is out the window. And, if night one is any indication, she won't be beating the DNC for viewers.

The first night of the DNC, highlighted by First Lady Michelle Obama's speech (which experts have called, along with Paul Ryan's, the top speech thus far in the conventions) and keynote speaker Julian Castro, who is the mayor of San Antonio and gave what some have called a star-making speech, the convention coverage matched last week's fast rating for night one of the RNC -- a 1.3 adults rating -- and topped last week's final ratings by two tenths of a point. (Please note: Ratings for DNC coverage are subject to time zone adjustments later today. Generally, this bumps them up a touch.)

Obviously at this point those numbers mean little in the grand scheme of things. And with the closeness, it isn't like one political party's platform is sweeping over the nation, similar to how Barack Obama's first campaign did.

Former President Bill Clinton is scheduled to speak tonight, as President Obama accepts the party's nomination and speaks Thursday night.

The Republican National Convention did not feature any former Republican presidents. The party hasn't embraced either of the Bushes the way the Democrats have done with Clinton or Jimmy Carter.


- Barack Obama
- Michelle Obama

Written by: Hamatosan
Sep 5th, 2012, 9:57 am

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