The Daily Show: Larry David Narrates Documentary 'Obama - It Could Have Been Worse'

Last week, The Daily Show skewered Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney with the short documentary film 'Romney: A Man Who Built That.'  Now that the RNC has ended and the DNC has begun, though, the tables have turned. The Daily Show's satirical-yet-poignant eye has turned to the incumbent candidate Barack Obama. While Romney's film focused largely on errors and fallacies in his campaign, the Obama doc, subtitled 'It Could Have Been Worse,' points and laughs at the near-apologetic nature of the Obama campaign, which followed up the hopeful 2008 campaign of hope and change with a more measured and realistic approach. 

While Romney's documentary was nominated by Star Trek and Fringe actor Leonard Nimoy, Obama's documentary is narrated by another familiar television face: Larry David. The Curb Your Enthusiasm star and Seinfeld co-creator will lend his inherently acerbic vocal chords to the doc, which will undoubtedly examine some of the shortcomings of Obama's first term. 

I particularly enjoyed The Daily Show's Romney doc, which aired last Thursday, and I expect I'll have similar enjoyment of 'It Could Have Been Worse." 

It's all part of the Daily Show's Charlotte, North Carolina-set DNC coverage, titled Hope and Change 2. 

The Daily Show will air the documentary as its second segment of tonight's (September 6) show. The show's guest will be former Obama cabinet member Austan Goolsbee. Stewart is also expected to cover former president Bill Clinton's rousing speech from last night. 

Check out a preview for Obama: It Could Have Been Worse here. 

Are you excited to hear Larry David make fun of Obama? I know I am. 

- Comedy Central
- Larry David
- The Daily Show with Trevor Noah

Written by: mcpherson
Sep 6th, 2012, 2:13 pm



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It's okay Sam, with these two weeks of political conventions, it's perfectly understandable to have the word nominate on the brain. :)


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Bit of a mistake there on my part. Fixed. 


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Nominated? Or narrated? Either way, it's Larry David, so I'll be watching.

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