Community Season 4 Headed to The Hunger Games

It's another case of television shows trying to be current, but then looking horribly dated: Community is headed to The Hunger Games. The NBC comedy series, which will be returning for a fourth season in the fall, will be providing its own spoof of the popular franchise The Hunger Games in its season 4 premiere. 

The episode, the first to not feature any input from creator Dan Harmon, who was fired this summer, will feature a game called "The Hunger Deans," according to Entertainment Weekly.

It's all to see who gets into a new class called "The History of Ice Cream." Organized by Dean Pelton (Jim Rash), the games will pit the students of Greendale against one another -- and also put Jeff (Joel McHale) and the Dean together in a tango. 

“Fans will see these pictures and go, ‘Dammit, they’ve tried to make this show mainstream! They’re trying to steal the Two and a Half Men audience!’” McHale sarcastically joked. “They’re going to be like, ‘What — is this an episode of The Middle?’” 

The Dean, in characteristic fashion, will also be donning multiple dresses throughout the episode (though there's no word yet on whether he'll emulate The Hunger Games' Effie). “He will repulse and arouse you all at once,” McHale said. 

To be honest, I'm not terribly excited about this parody. First of all, it's not all that timely -- it will air in the dead period between The Hunger Games film and Catching Fire (and I personally think that the franchise's popularity has already peaked). Secondly, it's not really all that clever of a parody, is it? The Hunger Deans? Of course, it's probably best to hold off judgment until the episode airs, but my gut feeling isn't exactly positive. 

Community season 4 will premiere October 19 on NBC. 

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Written by: mcpherson
Sep 8th, 2012, 11:29 am

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