Homeland star has close encounter with President Obama

Life doesn't suck for Damian Lewis, who stars as Marine Corps Sergeant Nicholas Brody on Showtime's Homeland. The actor, who rose to fame as Major Richard Winters on HBO's Band of Brothers, already knew that President Barack Obama was a fan of his work on Homeland, as the commander-in-chief has said that numerous times. 
Brody's wife
But it still had to be surprising when the president invites you to a State Dinner at the White House. According to the Hollywood Reporter, that happened and Lewis was stunned to see where he was seated.

"It was made more remarkable by the fact that as I was walking down with my wife to go and sit at the table, assuming I’d be by the toilets," Lewis said. Instead, "I sat opposite the president himself, at his table, next to Mr. Warren Buffett. And so it became an even more surreal, out-of-body experience."

It's a little ironic that an actor known for playing a terrorist would be seated near the president, no? I guess the Secret Service realizes that acting is a little different than doing.

The president made quite an impact on Lewis.

"He’s a charming, impressive, powerful -- obviously -- man. But he’s much more alpha male in the room than you think he’s going to be. When he first came into power," he explained, "all the dissenters were keen to point out that he looked good in a suit and he was a lawyer and he drank cappuccino, and where was the American guy? He’s really every bit the American guy, when you’re with him."

Lewis said that Obama didn't ask him plot details about the second season, because he wants to be surprised like the rest of us.

- Barack Obama
- Damian Lewis
- Homeland

Written by: Hamatosan
Sep 10th, 2012, 5:17 am


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Boy oh boy, complaints about beautiful women?!


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Heh.  I was so distracted by her pic that I didn't even noticed she wasn't mentioned anywhere until I read the comments...and then re-read the article.  Damnit, Josh...stop toying with us.  Or do it more often, one or the other!  Preferably the latter :-)



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Well, I won't have any trouble having more pictures like that in the news. :D



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Hey, I'm not complaining or anything. :)


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Not just you..... Thats probably why they put it there, because there is no other connection to this story other than that she plays his wife. But her name doesn't get mentioned once...


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It took me a minute to get through this story, as I found myself hopelessly distracted by that picture of Morena Baccarin.

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