John Cho Talks Go On, Harold & Kumar Animated Series

Who could have guessed that the man who gave us the term "MILF" would go on to become a premiere comedic actor? John Cho spoke with IGN about jumping into small-screen projects headlong this year, including co-starring in the new Matthew Perry comedy "Go On" and spearheading an animated series.

John Cho

The new sitcom finds Cho opposite Perry playing his character's beleaguered boss, forcing the mourning employee into group therapy to help overcome the loss of his wife. "It’s been great. We’re getting to know one another. I feel like I have a little bit of the stars-in-the-eyes syndrome right now," Cho says of series lead Perry.

The serious subject matter of the NBC show was "the most attractive thing about the show," explains the actor. "It deals with a heavy subject, and that’s where the laughs come from. In my own behavior I’ve seen that I deal with serious things by using humor as a defense mechanism. I use it as an excuse to dodge things. I found it really resonated with me, and that’s why -- aside from the fact that I’d be working with Matthew Perry, who I admire so much and have stolen so much from over the years -- that was really the reason I did the show."

Cho is not only involved in the NBC comedy, but also has a very familiar project in the works for Cartoon Network's Adult Swim: a Harold & Kumar animated series. Cho/Harold will serve as producer on the series in addition to providing his voice-acting talents. In the world of animation, expect the affable potheads to venture into territory much more outlandish than a fast-food joint. "I was saying when we were pitching it, I was telling [Harold and Kumar creators] John and Hayden, our pitch should just be 'Harold and Kumar Go to Space,' 'Harold and Kumar Go to Hell,' 'Harold and Kumar Go to the American Revolution.' I mean, that could be the whole pitch. Anything’s possible," Cho explained.

Where should the loveable stoners venture to next?

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Sep 10th, 2012, 1:38 pm

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